How to Cheat Slot Machines

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How to Cheat Slot Machines

Many gamblers perceive slot machines as pure games of chance, yet successful slot players possess certain skills which give them an edge compared to their less skilled peers. Some even know how to hack a slot machine for extra wins!

Cheating a slot machine might appear to be an impossible feat, but there are numerous effective strategies available for doing just that. All such methods are illegal and should never be attempted by any player.

Prior to computer software, slot machines operated mechanically and could be manipulated physically by their operators; but modern slot machines controlled by computer chips make manipulation impossible, though that hasn’t stopped people from trying. We will explore some of the most commonly employed methods used by people trying to cheat a slot machine in this article.

The Top and Bottom Joint Cheat

This ancient slot cheat involves using a metal coat hanger to hook into the coin slot and induce internal mechanisms of a machine to pay out or register false credits. Though easy and potentially effective if done properly, this tactic carries significant risks.

Another old slots cheat used shaved coins. Tommy Glenn Carmichael was known for this practice and is one of the most infamous slot cheats in gambling history, responsible for creating the “monkey paw,” an electronic device he devised himself that allowed him to manipulate jackpot wins and turn small winning combinations into massive pay-outs. He used this tool and others he made himself to scam casinos until his arrest in 1998; after being released from custody again in 2006 he soon resumed criminal activities until being caught again by law in 2007 before returning into criminal activities until finally caught by law enforcement again in 2007.

Ronald Dale Harris was another notorious casino cheater. Hired by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to inspect slot machines, but instead used his knowledge of their source code to tamper with them instead. Reprogramming EPROM chips allowed Harris to pay out money after specific sequences of coins had been inserted; eventually caught but not before creating other cheating devices like monkey paw.

Magnets can also be an effective and risky way to cheat slot machines, although not as effectively as previous methods. While less effective, using magnets to cheat slot machines may still allow you to increase the payout by tricking older machines into giving out more than you are due. Unfortunately, however, modern machines use powerful electromagnetic pulses which disrupt their computers and cause it to stop functioning properly if attempted this way. As such, casinos with secure connections offer better odds.

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